CORE Protection Gloves Bmx Mtb kesztyű Medium

12490 Ft



Be the ultimate boss of your gear, whether you ride Scooters or BMX with the Core Protection Gloves

With a pair of slim-fitting Protection Gloves from CORE on your hands, you will be able to ride your gear more precisely and with less sweat. You won’t even have to take them off to keep your SoMe game plenty strong.

Tech Features:

  • Wipe the sweat from your brows with the absorbing microfiber cloth placed over the thumb
  • Touch screen compatible with both thumb and index finger
  • These Skin Fit gloves come with ventilation holes and a rubber velcro strap
  • The upper part is made from a lightweight and highly breathable material
  • Inside the thumb area, the gloves are reinforced to be able to keep up with hard riding


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