duo resilite pedal

5490 Ft

The Duo Resilite Pedal,
extra könnyű és erős műanyag pedál. tartós nylon pedáltest, crmo golyós tengely.
súly : 370gramm/pár,
szín : fekete,
tengely méret : 9/16


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The Duo Resilite Pedal is a nylon pedal designed around a micro-knurled concave resilite body, featuring 12 molded pins for traction, a 9/16″ chromoly axle and comes complete with an extra set of end caps. „These things are not your average slippery plastic pedal.” says Duo’s Cory Muth. „We chose to make our pedals out of a nylon material which offers the rider better grip on the bottom of your shoe due to the nylon being slightly softer than your average „PC” or ‘polycarbonate’ pedal.” Duo Resilite Pedals weigh in at a mere 14.5 ounces per pair, and are available in black.

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