Kink 2XOG BMX Bike Peg-Bmx Kilépő

4200 Ft

Kink 2XOG BMX Bike Peg

Szín: fekete

Axle diameter: 10mm, 14mm
Peg length: 11.45cm
Material: Chrome Steel
Pieces per pack: 1
Weight: 206g
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Kink 2XOG BMX Bike Peg

Since the 90’s, Kink BMX have been manufacturing sprockets, axles and pegs – all for street riding purposes. The classic and almost indestructible OG peg has been reworked into a new, simpler and even stronger model, the 2XOG peg. (aka Double OG).

Kink is a real street brand and that’s why the 2XOG peg comes in steel materials.



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