Stolen Tuner Pivotal üléscső

11490 Ft

Stolen Tuner Pivotal üléscső

Üléscső típusa: Pivotal
hossza: 320mm
súlya: 130g
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Stolen Tuner Pivotal Seat Post

Add some extra height to your setup with this ultra-long seat post

The Tuner Pivotal Seat Post by Stolen is the longest seat post we carry. It measures 320mm and will surely add some extra height to your setup.

  • Light seat post made from aluminum material
  • Ultra-long seat post on 320mm in a clean black design
  • Integrated grooves works as an indication for your desired seat height or as cut off guidelines if you want to shorten the length a bit

Notice: Only works with pivotal seat systems.

Seat: Pivotal
Seatpost Length: 320mm
Weight: 130g


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